by Mimi

This is what it looks like

This is what it looks like

Bob for an apple with a teenager twist to make your teen party more fun.

What you need:

Tub of water, enough apples, sour worms

How to play:

Get a tub and fill it with water. When it is full you take a whole lot of apples and put it in there. Well that's how you usually do it, but now you are going to take the casing of a ballpoint pen, make holes in the apples and stuff the holes with sour worms, let them hang out a bit. People must now "bob for the apple" only using their mouths. Catch an apple and remove it from the water without it falling back into the tub. Your team will score a point for this, but hey if you end up with a sour worm in your mouth without the apple, your team lose a point. {Place the sour worm stuffed apples in the water just before play commence}

You can divide into teams and play for points and if you want to complicate things further you can set a time limit, like 30 or 60 seconds for each player.


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So fun
by: Greg

Haha I can just imagine how slimy and slippery those sour worms become after a while. Old game with a fun teen party twist it is indeed. I'm keeping this one for the next summer camp!

Old but good
by: Megs

This is a very old game but always fun to play. The nice thing about this game is old and young can play. We always play this game at youth camp and family reunions.

It always provides a good laugh.

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