How To Play Never Have I Ever

by Cherie-Amour

Never have I ever...

Never have I ever...

The game "Never have I ever..." is a great ice-breaker game for teens, adults and even kids to get to know each other on a whole different level in a fun way.

Players: 2 - any number of people
You need: Nothing at all, just willing players

In this game, each player holds up all the fingers on one (or two) hands and then each person takes turns saying something they have never done. If you have done the announced action, you put down a finger. Once all your fingers are down, you’ve lost, so if you are known to take risks and are the adventurous type, it’s not a game you’re going to win but it’s still fun to play. The winner is the one with the last finger up!

So the game goes like this, one person would say: "Never have I ever kissed a boy". If you have, you put a finger down and then on and on, giving each person a chance to make a statement they have never done.

You can play until there is only one person with a finger/s up standing (a winner) or when the first person is out (a loser).

The winner or loser must then perform an action the group decide on. Usually the first player making the first statement gets to call if the game stops as soon as there is a loser or if it should continue until there is a winner. This makes it fun because the first player can actually save the loser from having to perform an action and turn the game on the winner.

If you don't want the group to decide on an action to be performed, you can prepare some TRUTH or DARE cards beforehand for this part.

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NEVER HAVE I EVER- Never thought of this
by: Cayla

Thank you, we play this game often but I have never thought of this.

The last bit gives it an interesting fun twist, not knowing if you are actually going to win or not. This is how I will play NEVER HAVE I EVER in future and I love the idea of using Truth or Dare cards too.

Love this site, so fun and easy to find everything. Thanks xxxx

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