On The Run Teenage Game

"On The Run" is a super fun, active teen game for parties or youth groups that will keep the guys and girls entertained and wanting to play for longer. As many players as wanted/needed can play at once.

First, this game needs to be played at night. Second, you need more Law-Men than Fugitives. Each Law-Man has a flashlight, Fugitives do not. If you spot a fugitive, you are a fugitive in the next round. 1-2 Minutes to hide, 5-10 minutes to seek (depending on the size of group/play area.)

Fugitives hide but are allowed to run, but if spotted and called out by Law-Men, ex:"So-and-So... I see you!" They must freeze and surrender.

You can add "NERF" guns, "Air-soft Guns", "Paint-Ball guns", "Laser Tag guns", (If wanted for higher risk level). Only Law-Men get weapons. If weapons are added, instead of calling them out, you shoot them.

If Fugitives win, more time is added. If Law-Men win, it is a new round. The way Fugitives win is hiding until the time runs out. The way the Law-Men win is by finding all of the fugitives, Law-Men can only split up if they have a flashlight each. Otherwise, stay in a group. (Fairness, and Safety.) Have Fun and Enjoy!

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This is the one
by: Serina

So glad I found this. Exactly the game I couldn't remember how to play, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, you are very sweet.

Awesome Game
by: Bradley

Awesome game, we had a lot of fun playing this game. All between 16-17 years of age, we just played without guns but I am sure that will be good fun as well. It sure did beat the usual "just hanging out" and doing nothing. Great little website this.

Exactly what I was looking for
by: Cayla

I was looking for a fun active game to bring some nerf guns into the mix to entertain the guys at my party.

This will work perfectly, thanks!

Fun active game for teens
by: Laurna

A delightful active game for teenagers!

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