Tape Ball - Fun Teen Party Game

by Madeley

Tape Ball - Fun Game

Tape Ball - Fun Game

The tape ball game is as much fun preparing as it is playing.

What you need:

Clear wide tape, small gifts or wrapped sweets/candy.

How to play:

Everyone playing gets into a big circle (this is not one of those duhh?? circle party games!), one player gets the tape ball and the player next to them a pair of dice. The player with the ball removes the tape as fast as they can and anything they dislodge is theirs to keep. The player with the dice is trying to roll doubles as quickly as they can, so that they can get a turn to dislodge gifts and to prevent the person dislodging from getting too much.

As soon as they get doubles the tape ball goes to the person who got the doubles and they pass the dice to the person next to them. We have played this at every party we had and as we got older the gifts inside was adjusted to our age groups!

I had a slumber party once when I turned 13 and my mom placed nail varnish, lip-gloss, bracelets, rings and all types of goodies for girls inside the tape ball. She placed the items in tiny plastic bags before she stuck them to the tape to prevent them from damaging. For my brother's boy parties, stuff to eat was always the only option (because they only want to eat sweets!).

When we got a little older (teens) my mom would roll money notes up wrap them in saran wrap and then place these with a mixture of candy sticks inside the tape ball. It has always been a huge hit at all of our teenage parties as no-one ever really knew what great idea my mom would come up with next for this super fun game.

How to make a tape ball

Lay out long strips of tape on a kitchen or dining table (sticky side facing up), place objects about 30-40cm / 11.5-15" apart on the tape. Start by rolling a piece of tape in a random messy small ball. Then add the first strip with goodies following a crisscross style to form a bigger ball. Add more strips with more tape until you have a nice big ball.


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by: Anonymous

I used this idea for my daughters 11th birthday party, all her friends loved it! It is so hard to find games that she would not say "it's to babyish" but this one made the cut! Love the idea!

by: Anonymous

That sounds super fun may have to try for 11 year old girl party! How do u make the tape ball?

From Fun Stuff To Do

It is so easy and fun to make! Lay out a long piece of clear wide tape on a table with the sticky side facing up. Now place small gifts/candy spaced about 15-20 inches apart on the sticky side of the tape. Start rolling it up to form a ball!

You will need several long pieces to form a big ball. By using individual long pieces you can manipulate the shape to eventually form a nice round ball shape.

Hope that helps!

This one will do!
by: Reese

Yep this one will do i like gifts for my friends too! Thanks to whomever's mom is so innovative and thanks for a great website. Love & Peace, Reese

Love it
by: Brigette

I have played this game so many times with so many variations and still love it.

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