X-Factor Party Game

by Nure Khan

X-Factor Stage

X-Factor Stage

You will need five to ten people for the X-factor game. Here is what you do to turn your teen party into a blast that nobody will forget:

First of all you need to make masks of the recent x-factor judges, for this you can simply Google "X-factor masks" where you will find a lot of them. Use any celebrities to be the judges.

Pick some people to wear the masks and pretend to be the judges. The rest have to do a silly act "on stage" - you can use a sturdy table for this or if you have a raised veranda or balcony performers can perform there.

The judges will rate the performance with a card that they will hold up, 1-5, one being the worst and 5 being the best, you can make these out of cardboard for each judge.

Then swap the characters around. Make sure every body gets a turn to do an act and to be a judge. When a person has performed an act, they can replace one of the judges.

Take a video of this so that you can watch it afterwards. This will make a great keepsake for years to come.

Hope you will have fun playing this.

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This is fun
by: Bethany

This game is great fun!

Hope you like this
by: nure

Hey, hope u guys like my game! My friends just loved it! Inspiration came from my sisters! So a big thank you to my sisters and of course, the people of X-factor!

by: Simone

This is awesome and different, sounds like a blast.

I agree - Loads of fun
by: Bernice

Yes Lea, I agree, this could turn into something way special! I think we should do this. Can you imagine setting up a little stage and all. The crazies in our group would love this.

Lots of fun
by: Lea

This sounds so cool. I can just imagine how much fun this could be with our crazy crowd. Thanx

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