Hilariously Funny Charades Phrases and Words

by Alex
(Winnipeg )

Free Charades Cards

Free Charades Cards

Some of these charades words won't sound so funny when you read them, but try to act them out, it is a whole different fun story!

Fat guy swimming

How would YOU act out these funny words and phrases:

Laugh out loud


Root beer

Kung Fu

Around the world in 80 days (film/book)


A Bug's Life (film)

Flying in airplane

Eating spagetti

Aristotle Onassis (celebrity)

EMINEM (music/band)

Lord of the Rings (Movie)

Tom Hanks (celebrity)

Martha Stewart




Fire Engine

Mosquito bite


Funny Bone

Hong Kong


Football field

Far and Away (movie)

Various Artists (music)

Hello Kitty

Winnie The Pooh

Circus Tent

Swing or Slide

Thunder and lightning

Jerry Springer (celebrity)

Sandra Bullock (celebrity)

Bill Clinton



Mickey Mouse

Ozzy Osbourne

Little Miss Muffet


Black Friday



Ace of Spades

Head over heels

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Comments for Hilariously Funny Charades Phrases and Words

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Thanks, so amazing
by: Cutesy pie

Thank you so much this was so helpful to me to have this I wish every site was this helpful! Thx again!!!!

Thank you sooo
by: Gaynor

Thank you so much. I laughed out loud just reading through these, a definite "must play". Thumbs up to you.

Super Helpful!
by: Ann

These words and phrases seem simple, but show their true and deadly colors when acted out! Helped a lot! Thanx! :):)

10 funny words and their meanings
by: Jane

Befuddle – to confuse or perplex

Canoodle – hugging or kissing

Godwottery – nonsense

Hullabaloo – an uproar of noise and excitement

Klutz – an awkward and stupid person

Ragamuffin – a child in ragged or dirty clothes

Shenanigan – a prank

Umpteen – a relatively large but unspecified number

Vomitory – an exit or outlet

Platapie – the plural form of platypus

Funny animal charades word
by: Luin

Titmouse -
Small songbird. Known for it’s short conical bill.

and this one is also very funny, imagine having to act this one out:

Fard -
To apply face paint or make-up.

A funny fruit word
by: Mary

Kumquat -
A small, round or oblong citrus fruit

by: Anonymous

This is great!!

by: Anonymous

Love these

Best Charades Phrases and Words
by: Bethaney

Wow, these are great. I'm going to love to include these in our next charades games night!

by: Anonymous

Tiger Woods

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