Play Murder Mystery

by Anon

Murder Mystery Game

Murder Mystery Game

A fun murder mystery party game for teenagers, without having to spend a dime. Parts of this teen party game is played it the dark and it is suitable for larger groups.

You need:
At least 6+ people to play.
One person to turn the lights on|off and to keep score.
A pen and pieces of paper|card equal to the amount of players.
A large piece of paper with all the player's names on to keep score.

Here's what you do:
Write a letter "V" (for victim) on all the cards except one, on the last card write the letter "M" (for murderer). Fold the cards up, place them in a hat and shuffle them around a bit, then let each person choose a card. If you pick the "M" you are the murderer, if you pick a "V" you are a victim, players should not see each other's cards.

Switch the lights off, everyone must scream, then count slowly to ten and switch the lights back on. While the lights are out the murderer must tag someone by patting them on the back or arm, this person must immediately lie down and play dead. Once the lights gets switched on one victim will be dead and the others must start guessing who the murderer was.

Score one point for a correct guess and -1 for an incorrect guess. After everyone had a turn to guess the murderer reveals who he is, during the game he plays along guessing, not to be identified before all had a turn to guess. Play untill everyone had a turn to be the murderer then add up the scores.

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My spin on it
by: Anonymous

My idea is that whoever is the murderer has to either kiss the person they 'kill,' or has to do something embarrassing to the victim, the host might say the murderer has do something to him/her self that's embarrassing. They might have to tell an embarrassing secret or something like that. I think this could make the game a lot more fun.

Fun fun fun game
by: Benji

This sounds like so much fun I am going to suggest we play this at our next party. This is the perfect game to play after a pool or dance party. In fact murder mystery will make a very COOL PARTY on it's own too. You can actually set it up with some halloween stuff. Yikes there's another cool idea you can play this on HALLOWEEN, how awesome!

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