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Water charades is a fun, pool party game for older kids, teenagers and adults. If you have a long breath, are comfortable under the water, love to have fun in the water and can swim well, then, this one is for you.

Four and more players. Suitable for large groups.

The Aim:
To demonstrate a word or phrase under water and for others to guess what it is. For the person who performs the demonstration or act, to test the groups endurance under water.

Easy Charades Cards
Adult Referee / Supervision

How To Play Water Charades:

One person "the actor", is inside the water on the one end of the pool . The rest of the group is inside the water on the other end of the pool.

Another person (the referee and lifesaver!) stands on the outside of the pool and shows a charade card to the actor. The actor will now demonstrate the word or phrase under water to the group.

On the word GO from the referee; two things happen simultaneously:

  1. “The actor” swims to the middle of the pool, go under water and demonstrate his word or phrase under the water.
  2. The group goes under water at the exact same time to view the act.
The guessing begins once the actor surface.

Additional Rules:

Adapt these rules to suite your crowd.

  • If it is a very large pool, the group may stand a little closer to the middle of the pool for a clearer view under the water.
  • The group may NOT swim towards the “actor”. They go down under the water exactly where they are standing. They must stay under water while the “actor” swims towards them and until he completed his act.
  • If any person surface before the actor completes his demonstration or before the actor surface, that person is the next actor! It is the referee’s job to see who surface before the actor.
  • If the actor surface first, after he completed his act, he will pick a person from the group to give the correct answer. If this person gives the correct answers, he is safe and the current actor must act again. If the “guesser” answers incorrectly, he is the next actor.
  • If the actor surface before he completes his act - at least 3 clear gestures, he is water bombed and must act again. “Water bombed” simply means splashed by the group.

Printable Charade Cards for Water Charades

Charades Cards


Just click on any link and the printable version will open in a new window. These charades cards contain easy words which may be challenging to act out in the water!

Charades Cards - Actions

Charades Cards - Fun Food

Charades Cards - People

Charades Cards - People 2

Charades Cards - Sports

There are more easy charades cards at
Kid's Charades
, that are also suitable for
water charades.

Did you know?

The largest swimming pool in the world is at San Alfonso del Mar in Chile. A staggering 1,000 meter long pool that covers 19 acres! There are loads of new fun water games and toys available, just right for this pool! Perhaps they will allow us to start a pool-play business there!

Largest swimming pool in the world


These printable games can be used as back-up if the weather plays up. Suitable for older kids, teens and adults.


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