A Ghost Switcharew ?

by Jamie Leigh Hand
(Oaklyn )

Ghost Prank with Halloween Sounds

Ghost Prank with Halloween Sounds

If you have a father / dad that collects ridiclous, weird, and strange things switch all the figures around into all diffrent spots. They could be moved to all around the house or just change the places of all things. If your dad believes in ghost say you didn't move anything and say "Maybe a GHOST did it !" then say you are going out somewhere or you are going outside then he will be home alone or sort of alone. Before you do all this though you NEED to record yourself making ghost noises and hide the recorder somewhere where he or no one else can see or find it except for you. You could also if you don't own a recorder buy a spooky sounds cd from the halloween store if you don't already own one and play it in a hidden radio. Or the sort of easy way to this is if you can hide in great places and move REALLY fast. You could hide in different places and make all different spooky ghost sounds, open and close doors, or make them creak loudly and scary. That would make dad become scared. Also watch his every move while still being hidden that would then give him the feeling he is being watched by someone OR somethin. Even if your dad doesn't believe in ghost just do the same things as if he believed . But if you are going to make your own noises and movements open and close your front door loudly then come back in WHEN YOU THINK THE COAST IS CLEAR. Once your father/dad starts to get really scared, jumpy, or suspicious if you are outside come in find out where your father is jump out and scream BOO! While you scream boo quickly grab onto your dad's shoulders. Do the same if you are inside also just jump out from where ever your father is grab his shoulders and scream BOOOOOO! You will have a nice laugh after it is all over . ONE RULE IT MUST BE ONLY YOU AND YOUR DAD AT HOME THE DAY YOU DO THIS PRANK OR IT MIGHT NOT WORK! Good luck this is alot of work !!!

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