Funny fat sayings

by Bongo

Funny Skinny Person Saying

Funny Skinny Person Saying

I'm not fat I'm just over-flowing with awesomeness.

I'm not fat I'm just swollen.

I'm too fat to skinny dip so I chunky dunk.

My six-pack is so precious I protect it with a layer of fat.

I'm not fat I'm a few inches too short.

I'm as bored as a fat person without food.

My wife is not fat either, she is a nutritional overachiever.

Why is America the only country where poor people are fat?

Never be afraid of a few extra pounds, fat people are harder to kidnap!

Cautious Husband: You're not fat! Only easy to see!

I totally avoid things that make me fat, like scales, mirrors and photographs!

I'm fat but identify as skinny, I'm trans-slender.

Unless I sit on you, my weight is not your issue - burn!

If everything in life was only as easy and tasty as getting fat! - SIGH

If Monday was a girl, she would be that fat girl who tells the teacher when you cheat.

You are so fat I bet your food goes "heeeeeeeee" when it has to ride out all those rolls like a roller coaster!

I'm fat because a tiny little body can't store all this personality!

Every time I lose the weight, if finds me, and brings friends.

If you are overweight I just want to say this to you: "Beauty isn't measured in pounds, and weight does not dictate your worth. Fat is not worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’, ‘artificial’ or ‘cruel’!! It is however a health concern and you need to take good care of you.

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Fun Team You Are Sweet
by: Luigi

Fun Team, how sweet of you to get so protective over a visitor who made the effort to post a page that made most of us laugh!

I enjoyed the well written chirp to Anonymous!

From: The Fun Team

Hey Luigi, chirp you say? That was a full on ROAR my friend!

You see, we're all fun, love and games over here but yes we will protect visitors to the site that contribute content which we think is in line with our love for fun and funny.

Unfortunately we didn't find the remarks of Anonymous constructive or funny, people like that must rather move on real quick.

These fatty jokes are a fupas far flop away from being funny.
by: Anonymous

These are really flat boring jokes, one even had to explain itself. There are a million better fat jokes than these. And I'M fat. 🤣

From: The Fun Team

Hey we're so sorry these didn't meet your "fat standards". So why didn't you post the million better ones, then this could have been a top page!

We'll try harder next time because we did create this site especially just for you, oh gosh the boss lady shouts we didn't. Anyhow, thanks for the 5 Stars, I am sure our truly fun visitor Bongo who created this page only have two words for you (we won't make the mistake of explaining that)!

Next time just leave as quietly and quickly as you came in. It's literally just "CLICK", will save you some effort!

Extremely funny
by: Stony

Ha ha ha, I can’t stop laughing because these fat sayings are too funny. I never get to laugh to this extent anywhere and never got a chance to laugh this much in the past. These sayings are insightful as well.

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