Funny Saying About Facebook

by Danielle899
(Jacksonville, NC, United States)

Facebook Funny

Facebook Funny

Facebook is like jail. We are friends with people we don't know, we get poked by strangers, we waste time, and write on walls.

You post all your drama on Facebook, then you get upset when people judge you. You must be a special kind of stupid...

Remember: Before Facebook no one cared what you had for dinner, they still don't.

When I die I would like someone to keep updating my Facebook status, just to freak people out.

I wish Facebook would notify me when people delete me, then I can "LIKE" it.

I forgot to post on Facebook that I was going to gym, now my whole workout was a waste!

There are people on Facebook who fail to grasp the difference between "What's on your mind?" and "You should see a therapist."

I am changing my name to "NOBODY" on Facebook so that when I like nonsense on Facebook it would say "NOBODY Likes This".

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