by Trish

Doorway Danglers

Doorway Danglers

It doesn't have to be girly or butterflies! We only chose the butterflies for our theme party.

What you do:

First you need approximately 6-7 pieces of ribbon, string or colorless tape the length of the doorway from top to bottom. Attach these to a strip of cardboard the width of the doorway, spacing them equally, then attach the piece of cardboard to the top of the door frame.

Print the images you want to use and cut them out. We used butterflies, then printed the butterfly images on transparency film in various colors.

To get a realistic look we've made a slight fold in the center of the butterflies so that they appear to be flying.

Glue the pictures to the string, ribbon or tape.

Here are some Butterfly Templates

And here are some Coloured Butterflies

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