by Edith

Ice blocks for ice blocking

Ice blocks for ice blocking

Ice blocking is our way of having great fun when we are bored! It's so simple you slide down a hill on a solid block of ice. If you are prepared to get a little wet want to have real fun till the sun goes down then you have to try this. We laugh, we fall (no serious injury involved) and you are completely exhausted after a day of sliding down hills. Young and old won't know what they are missing if they have not tried this total blast at least once. We buy ice blocks from our local supermarket. Ice blocking is so much fun we do it all year round especially when there is no snow.

Fun Stuff To Do - Oh YES!!! Super, super fun!

Tell us what you get up to with ice or snow...

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by: Gus

Oh my goodness .. This looks like a crazy idea to me. I would freeze to death attempting such games as I am of a bit slimmer category.

So Much Fun
by: Brandy

Wow this looks like so much fun. Going to try it this weekend with my friends. Thanks for this super post. Brandy x

What did I do wrong?
by: Anonymous

I tried iceblocking but my block would not slide, It stuck in the grass. Could it be that I needed super duper green grass, this was a wee bit patchy in places though it would not even slide in the nicer parts?. I do not weigh much and the boy I was with was four years old so he really was not heavy. What went wrong? Help please?

From Fun Stuff To Do:

How to get ready for Ice Blocking:

Firstly you need a rather steap hill and secondly it is good to wait for the ice block to warm up a little in other words to start melting so that you have a little bit of a water barrier between the grass and the ice block.

You could also wet the grass or the ice block with a little water to help the process along. It may take a few times before you get it right if it is your first time.

Seeing that you have to balance yourself on the Ice block and you do fall, I would suggest not taking little children on the ice block with you, they may get injured if you fall on them and it is very difficult to balance yourself with someone sitting on top of you.

Another tip is to place an old towel on top of the ice block as a barrier for the extreme cold underneath you when sitting down.

Have fun!!!

Love THIS!
by: Geetha

That is one of my favorite things to do with my friends and sometimes my family when they are keen!!!!!!! Looking at the photos I know where I'm off to tomorrow!

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