Kids love this

by Lura
(Johnsonville SC)

When my kids were small I would get a large piece of plastic the kind painters use to cover things a yard sprinkler and some baby shampoo - go out to the yard on a heavily grassy spot and spread out the plastic put the sprinkler to the side and squirt some baby shampoo (easy on the eyes) on the plastic - after a few minutes of allowing the water to wet the plastic - add kids - not only do they enjoy the sliding but they come out so clean!

Fun Stuff To Do - Love this, love this! Very original and creative! It's like a home made SLIP-A-SLIDE! Super Easy way for mum to bath the kids & take a break!

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Love this
by: Fun Stuff To Do

It's like a home made SLIP-A-SLIDE, very original and creative!

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