Monster Number!!!

by Nancy

Why does six hate seven? Because seven ate(8) nine! Scroll down for more...

More Short Monster Jokes-

What do you call a stupid monster?
A dummy mummy.

Waiter on ocean liner: Would you like the menu, sir? Monster: No thanks, just bring me the passenger list.

What do you call a wicked old woman who lives by the sea?
A sand-witch.

What do you call a witch who goes to the beach but won't go into the water?
A chicken sand-witch.

What do you call a monster with a sausage on its head?
A head-banger.

What happened at the cannibal's wedding party?
They toasted the bride and groom!

How can you help a starving cannibal?
Give them a hand!

What happens if you upset a cannibal?
You get into hot water!

How does a witch doctor ask you to dance?
Voodoo like to dance!

What is a cannibal's favorite food?
Baked beings!

What do cannibals eat that are on a diet?

What does cannibal lions eat?
They swallow their pride!

Was Dracula ever married ?
No, he was a 'bat'chelor!

What kind of groups do vampires like?
Blood groups!

Why are monsters huge and hairy and ugly?
Because if they were small and round and smooth they would be M&M's!

Monster: I heard you met a great guy! Monster Two: Yes he is a nightmare come true!

Monster: Do hurry up with my supper I am hungry! Monster 2: Oh quiet I only have six pairs of hands!

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These are funny. Thanks - gave it a tweet!

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