by JB
(Sandton, SA)

We are making these paper lanterns for Halloween.
It is very easy and fun. Just follow the instructions on the picture.

If you can't read them here they are:

Take a piece of paper and draw a frame as shown in the top right picture on it.

Now take a craft knife and cut the
vertical lines to where they meet up with the horizontal lines a shown on the bottom left picture.

Make a horisontal fold in the center of the paper across the lines that you have cut with the craft knife. I find it easier to make the fold in the paper before I cut the vertical lines, otherwise the pieces move all over the place. It's to open the cut strips of paper up for light to shine through.

Bring the two solid sides together and glue or staple together.

Attach a string at the top to hang.

What we are planning with them:

We are going to place them on our drink and food table (not hang them) but attach a piece of black string from the (string)handle of the lantern to the roof. Then we're going to attach fake spiders onto the strings going to the roof. It will look as if they are hanging but will infact stand on the table. We're using tealight candles inside, the only light that will be on and around the food table. It creates a very cool setting for halloween!


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by: Peppy

Wow…! JB, you have done a great job and I liked your effort that you have taken to make such a wonderful paper lantern. I think seeing the method that you have shared will be very useful for people like me to make it easily.

Halloween Paper Lanterns
by: Meg

Love these lanterns, it seems so easy.
I am definitely going to try make them for our halloween party too.

Thanks a million for sharing. They are 100 times easier than jacko lanterns. Nothing stops one from glueing a few fun halloween pumpkin pictures on either!

by: Anonymous


Thanks - Paper Lantern
by: paper lantern

Hi I am so delighted I found your website, I found you by mistake, while I was looking on Yahoo for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a tremendous post. Please do keep up the great work.

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Thank you, very kind of you.

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