Star Wars Party Decorations

The star wars party theme pack is filled with star wars emblems, Yoda, Darth Vader, spaceships and cool ideas for an unforgetable star wars theme party. View the items in this free printable party pack below. Print on matt or gloss card stock for best results.

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Quick to make cone shaped birthday party hats. Cut and fold, add an elastic string. 3 different colors, the others are plain blue and plain grey, you can add your own emblems (also included!) as we have done with this star wars galactic enterprise emblem. Birthday party hats are truly simple to make! For best results and a neat looking hat, add a dot of glue or small piece of double sided tape under the tab once the party hat is folded and the tab is inserted into the slit.

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A variety of bunting flags, 5 to be exact! Mix and match them, add emblems and some of the graphics that are included if you wish.

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Cool YODA SODA drink or water bottle labels and a Yoda drinks sign for the drinks table. Add a few bunting flags and balloons to make it festive.

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An easy to cut and fold gift bag for party favors. Just add string or ribbon as handles. We left it plain, you can add thank you tags, other star wars characters or emblems to the front.

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Have a contest, build an obstacle course - will they make it and will they receive the ultimate Jedi Master Certificate for bravery?

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There are lots of uses for these: small tags, cake toppers, party bag labels, scatter them around on party tables or add them between bunting flags. Create doorway or roof danglers by glueing them to long pieces of ribbon or string. There is another set with a few familiar star wars faces in the free download.

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There are four star wars party invitations to choose from. Just cut and fold the cards in half, then add the invitation wording provided or create your own.

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There are two sets of star wars invitation wording, one plain and one with a light saber in the back ground. Cut out and glue to the inside of the party invitation you choose.

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Make the drinking straws fun and exciting with a few attachments. Cut these out, punch two holes as indicated, fold the two tabs backwards and place the straw through both holes.

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Just to say thank you for joining in the fun. Give these after the party with photos, a small gift or attach to goodie bags.

You will need a pdf viewer like Adobe Reader to view the files. Get the latest FREE DOWNLOAD of Adobe Reader here.

Due to the complex nature of the Star Wars graphics, it may take a moment to download, please be patient.



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