Stupid Funny Question

by Yssub Ramanyam

What is ahead of you (u)?

T is ahead of U

What is the opposite of domino?

What goes tic-tock-woof tic-tock-woof?
A watchdog!

How do you go without sleep for 8 days?
Sleep at night

A: How can you call your brother stupid! Say sorry!
B: I'm sorry you are stupid.

A: What's the chemical formula for water?
B: You told me it's HtoO!

What gets wet while drying?
A towel

A: You remind me of the sea!
B: Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy?
A: No you make me sick!

In which battle did Napeoleon die?
The last one.

How does a teddy bear say his tummy is full?
I'm stuffed!

Have you ever had such a hot passionate kiss that it felt as if you were on fire?
Yes, she had a cigarette in her mouth.

Can you write in the dark dad?
Yes, what shall I write?
Your name on my test.

What has four wheels and flies?
A garbage truck.

Which is the laziest mountain in the world?
Mount Everest!

If I had ten candies and you ask me for five, how many would I have left?

If I have 10 apples in one hand and 10 apples in my other hand, what do I have?
Big hands!

If we get engaged, will you give me a ring?
Yes what's your phone number?

I love you so much I would die for you!
How soon?

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FYI... "T" is ahead of "U"
by: Anonymous

Otherwise, it's a cute joke!

by: Anonymous

Funny! Still laughing...hahahahahahahaha

From: Fun Stuff To Do
Right there with you bud!

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