Tiny Party Hat Table Confetti

by Rebecca

Party Hat Table Confetti

Party Hat Table Confetti

This is a cute tiny party hat table confetti idea:

Very simple and quick to make.

Use the small party hat templates to cut a few hats in different colors.

Take the little pieces that you have cut out and shape them around a pencil to give them a bit of a curve, it makes it easier to glue.

Fold the sides together and use double side tape or a quick drying craft glue to attach the sides together.

Glue a bead on top and you are done.

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by: Amy

Really awesome to see these hats! I wanted to know the method to make these hats. I am very much interested in theseparty activities. So kindly share the steps to make these beautiful hats. Keep sharing!

From Fun Stuff: The templates are truly simple and self-explanatory. Simply cut them out, roll them in a cone shape and glue the sides together. Thanks for the comment.

Cute Party Hat Idea
by: Anonymous

How cute these tiny party hats are! They are a perfect choice especially for children parties, even in bigger size.

by: Dane

Wow.. This is so beautiful and cute. This would be a great decorating piece that will beautifully suit the birthday parties. It is so easy to make and if you have some creative ideas, you can make it even better.

To Print Tiny Party Hat Template
by: Fun Stuff To Do

Click on the template picture to get the larger view of the picture. Right click on enlarged picture, save to your computer and print.

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