What does?

by Matthew
(Hervey bay)

Funny Teacher Gifts

Funny Teacher Gifts

Stepped right in it -

Teacher: what do chickens give us
Students: eggs
Teacher: what does a pig give us
Students: bacon
Teacher: what does a fat cow give us
Students: homework

Q: What does the word "teacher" mean?
A: A person that helps you solve problems you'd never have without them.

My teacher pointed his ruler at me and said:
"At the end of this ruler is an idiot"
I got detention after asking which end.

Teacher: You are sleeping in class!
Me: Your voice is so sweet that's why I'm getting sleepy.
Teacher: Then why are the other people not sleeping?
Me: They aren't listening to you mam.

Teacher: Your father and mother each give you $50, what do you get?
Me: A new video game mam

Teacher: 1 Book + 1 Book
Me: 2 Books
Teacher: 2 Books + 2 Books
Me: 4 Books
Teacher: 1002 Books + 2002 Books
Me: A Library

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