5 Best ways to prank a best friend - harmless

by Anna
(Southampton America)

Best friend prank

Best friend prank

Get hold of your friend's Facebook account and change her Birthday to April Fools Day (1 April), watch her surprise when she gets many good wishes on this day.

Make caramel appels but make your friend a special one with an onion. Remove the hard layer from the onion, put in the ice-cream stick and dip in melted caramel as usual.

Does your friend like Coke? Replace the Coke with Sprite, now add soya sauce to the Sprite until you get the color of Coke. Ask your friend to pour a drink and watch.

Add some orajel to your friends toothpaste with a syringe, the extra strength works best. Her mouth will go numb in seconds after brushing teeth.

Send your best friend a text message telling her how upset you are because someone just said your best friend sounds like an owl. She will (hopefully) reply saying: Who?
Then say, oh dear I think I know what they mean (haha)!

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Another best friend prank
by: Betty

A best friend prank best done outside.

When your friend is having a coke with a screw on cap, distract her and drop a Mentos into the bottle replace the cap. Wait for the mini volcano when she opens it to have a sip.

My friend decided to turn around walk into the house and open the cap near a cream color lounge suite - disaster! I couldn't stop her in time.

by: Megs

Love these pranks and the fact that they are harmless. Thnks

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