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She couldn't decide which colour to go with so she just used bleach.

What can we do... things change rapidly. Here's a fun poem about Computers I wrote a few years back: Computer, Computer what have you done Life …

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They should pay Teachers (d)Anger pay! These are the 'worldly-wise' little comments and advice that teachers have to put up with every day! We take our …

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On one of our expeditions through the US while travelling from state to state we looked through our hotel room's window one late afternoon and spotted …

DOUBLE TROUBLE Not rated yet
Followed your link to Amazon and found these SUPER, SUPER CUTE T's for the twin boys after visiting your Toddler Party Games - I'm planning the FIRST BIG …

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I have made complete peace with the fact that I will never look like a stick again. No better way than to post my findings and acceptances here. I've been …

I Have Children Not rated yet
Thanks for this super website. My contribution is just a fun one that hangs in duplicate in our home. We have bought it for Fridays when we say: "Thank …

Bikini Top Not rated yet
Summer is in the air! It's Bikini Time! Cash in on this huge saving older ladies!

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