Advanced Craft Tools and
Craft Materials

We know that all crafts belong to one of the four main types of crafts namely - FASHION, TEXTILE, PAPER or DECORATIVE CRAFTS. In this section we have listed some basic but more advanced craft tools and materials that we often use for PAPER and DECORATIVE CRAFTS.

We hope to add a section on FASHION and TEXTILE crafts in the near future.

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With so MANY different types of paper and decorative crafts, experimenting is essential but you quickly establish your favorite types of crafts and your specialist tools and tool box obviously adapt and become a little bigger and better! (Until it takes up most of the outbuildings of your home!)

Some people love framing while others might like murals, paper mache, paper marbling, mosaics, glass staining, decorative pewter crafts, origami, paper tole, floral crafts, decorative painting, decoupage, embossing, wood craft, candle or card making - all are different types of paper and decorative crafts yet the techniques that we learn in each are unique but can inspire creativity in your own field of interest. AHA moments come from looking at other types of crafts... the lights go on in the head and... YES I can incorporate that or those advanced craft tools into what I love to create to make my crafts more unique.

That is what I find exciting about crafting, never a dull moment, always new ideas... looking at a flower... how can I create that... shall I make a flower, emboss one or pewter one... mount it on an old piece of wood or between layers of perspex in a tray or on a painted canvas with an embossed frame. You can basically create the same object a hundred times over with different advanced craft tools and find a hundred different ways to display it (bit boring in the long run!).

We know craft materials start with a SUPPORT, it can be (ex: paper, canvas, a mirror, old door, a window, table, a wall) anything with a solid surface that will allow you to get creative on it. Followed by texture mediums, paints, solvents, special additions, finishes and sealers. We know craft tools are used to apply texture mediums & paints to the support and when we get to advanced craft tools it can include anything from fingers to a drill to the most expensive sponges and paint brushes.

Enough babbling... advanced craft tools list!

Advanced Craft Tools & Materials

A list of other items that we often use besides for those in the Kids/Beginners Craft Toolbox:


  • Masking Tape
  • Metal Ruler
  • SandPaper
  • Craft knives, Scalpels and Rotary Cutters
  • Tweezers
  • Soft Pencils HB and the softer 2B and 4B
  • Chalks - White and Colored
  • Permanent Markers
  • Liners
  • Scratchers and Scrapers
  • Paint Brushes in all shapes and sizes (experiment!)
  • Sponge, Mohair and Rubber Rollers (are all for different types of paints, we prefer the small sizes)
  • Oil Pastels
  • Sponges - Shaped, natural sponges, large bathing sponges, packing sponges (yes they do work cut to size or shape!)
  • Tape-measure
  • Hairdryer
  • Hot glue gun and other glues
  • Drill
  • Stencils and Stamps (We still prefer to make our own but you will often find some that are well priced, unique and inspiring when shopping!)
  • Graphite Pencils or China Markers
  • Water Soluble Pencils
  • MDF or Supawood as a main or an additional support
  • Masonite (cheaper) or Canvas (more expensive)
  • Tiles, Perspex, Styrofoam, Mirrors, Cork Sheets, Vinyl Tiles, Melamine, Old kitchen cabinet doors all make interesting supports
  • Cutting Mats
  • Tooth Brushes (old and new)
  • Paint-Roller Trays
  • Texture mediums: Crete Stone, Crack Filler, Gel Mediums and Modelling Paste
  • Undercoats, Primers, Cement and Chalkboard Paints, PVA and Waterbased Enamels, Metallic Paints, Fluorescent Paints,Glazes and Spray Paint
  • Solvents for thinning paint and cleaning equipment
  • Metallic Leave and Powders, Crushed Colored Glass, Crushed Gravel, Crackle, Sand (Builders or Sea), Mosaic tiles & mirrors all create interesting effects
  • Varnish, Lacquer, Polymer Resin, Polish and Waxes to preserve crafts
  • Scrubbing Brushes, Soft absorbent clothes, Plastic wrap and bags, Bubble wrap, Mesh and other types of wired fencing or plastic mesh type fruit bags and more can all create interesting patterns on paint and texture mediums.

You can buy these further down!

Specialist craft tools

Stencils with motives are handy items and available in any shape, size and pattern to decorate cards, walls, personal belongings and craft work with. Although fairly cheap and available from most art & craft stores, they are simple to make out of cardboard or old X-rays. All you need is a pattern (freely available on the internet), card board or old X-ray, cutting mat or old magazine, a craft knife (Rotary cutters work well) and a Photo copier if you wish to increase or decrease the size of the stencil pattern.

Stamps are great to create extra effects, these can be bought or made from erasers or potatoes view Eraser Stamps or Potato Stamps for ideas.

Craft Tips: Before you start

  • Prepare and protect worksurfaces
  • Wear protective clothing (It helps for those nasty spills and lovely spatters!)
  • Paint roller trays can be lined with plastic wrap when you are done fold up and throw away - no cleaning up!
  • Store paint upside down - no skins on the surface and wipe the rims of paint tins before closing - no flakes in paint when opened.
  • Keep kitchen towel paper handy for spills
  • Use the correct finishes and sealers for surfaces to preserve your crafts.
  • Have the relevant solvents for paints ready to clean equipment, spills and stains.
  • Wrap elastic bands around paint brushes and tie around the top part of the container to preserve brushes and to prevent the bristles from bending.
  • Wrap used paint brushes in plastic bags if you can't clean them immediately, they won't dry out for some time.
  • Most solvents are toxic and harmful to the environment, discard appopriately.
  • Remember some color pigments (paints) can be added to texture mediums to get different effects.
  • Always follow instructions to prime surfaces of supports and when using texture mediums or your craft will fall apart!
  • Glitter Paints can be made by adding colored glitter to water-based varnishes for amazing effects.
  • Protect hands and fingernails with a barrier cream before you start or wear gloves - surgical gloves are most comfortable.
  • For details about Paint Brushes we recommend - view the Art and DIY photo sections for ideas on paint brushes and their uses!

To see how we use some of the above craft tools and materials, to aquire more skills, learn new techniques or simply to find inspiration view our craft collection: EASY CRAFTS! All with complete instructions!

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View the UNUSUAL CRAFT TOOL LIST! for more interesting ways to create texture on craft work.
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