Baby Room Decor

by Evia
(Fort Lauderdale)

Decorating Baby Room

Decorating Baby Room

My daughter is pregnant with their first child. What do mommy's-to-be and granny's-to-be do when that happens? They shop and they decorate, they shop,shop,shop and decorate!

Shopping is all they do besides for the odd peep at the sonar to fuel their excitement and to have an excuse to shop some more and decorate some more.

It truly is "fun stuff to do" when you prepare for a new little baby in the family and I also want to show off what we have found, because I am so excited and thrilled to be a part of this wonderful experience.

There are so many wonderful themes to choose from to decorate baby rooms but this one stole our heart and the super part about it all is mommy's sore feet didn't have to move an inch for this one.

We will return to FUN STUFF TO DO for all our future fun with our little one. Thank you for a beautiful website and a big thank you we have found some great fun ideas for the babyshower over on the free templates pages.

Much Love and God Bless


Thanks for the entry Evia!

View the Baby Room Decor here:

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by: EVIA

What an awesome surprize!

Thank you so very, very much!

Our little one will definitely know where to find fun and we are going to love spoiling him.

Watch out... there are more entries coming!

I am still in shock!

Have a fabulous week, we sure will.

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