Bad Chucky Prank

by Sarah

We went outside and left two friends inside at like 8:00 pm while they were watching Chucky. We then walked in from the opposite side which was out of sight and sneaked up on them and started hitting the walls and screaming as loud as we can. It scared them Ok!

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Yeah I'll Do It!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm going to try this tonight on my Step Aunt and Uncle and maybe their friend - going to be funny😂😂

Not a great prank
by: Anonymous

I tried this once to my friends and they did not get scared! This prank,like seriously how would someone be scared of Chucky.

Fun Stuff To Do Team says:
We have to agree with you, you will probably only find 1 out of 99 friends to be seriously scared of Chucky. Fortunately we have one of those friends and when we tried this prank, yes that was the only person in the room who got a fright. That said, this one person made up (in a big way) for the others that weren't scared!

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