Christmas Stocking

by Maria

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

Yet another Christmas Stocking. Each year I promise myself this is the last ones I buy and have all good intentions to use it the next year too.

Well let's say I'm a sucker for Christmas stockings because each year there are more beautiful, more creative, more cuddly, more sweet, more cute, more darn expensive ones on the market! This year I found these awesome ones on none other than Amazon (because Fun Stuff To Do took me there!). Yes, Fun Stuff it is all your fault I didn't keep my good intentions of last year! I need someone to blame.

Well if you all don't think these are darn adorable then I can only pity you because they are going to look awesome around my fireplace, on my kids doors, front door, and every other door I can find. Yes I bought 10!

What's more: I found absolutely incredible Christmas stocking stuffer goodies at incredibly low prices on Amazon.

You can get the Christmas Stocking here:

and these awesome candy cane Christmas stocking holders here:

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