Chubby Bunny

by Redeeming Love Woman's Camp Out

The chubby bunny game is so funny.

One player at a time puts a marshmallow in their mouth then says "chubby bunny". They continue adding marshmallows until they no longer can say "chubby bunny". Go around the camp fire allowing whoever is daring enough to try. The highest our group got was 15. It's hilarious.

PLEASE NOTE: This game is dangerous because of a choking hazard. Please do not take the risk of playing this with children! If you are adults playing please take great care, I would suggest a medic in you midst - adults choke and die too (not necessarily of this game but of anything that can block the airways - and a solid marshmallow can do this very well if you ARE that person who WILL push the limits).

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Too dangerous
by: Anonymous

Kids have choked to death with this "game". They've done news broadcasts cautioning parents to not let kids play this.

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