Crafty News Print Finger Nail Art For Girls Ages 10 And Up

by Amy White
(Glen Ellyn, IL, USA)

Beautiful nail art from news paper

Beautiful nail art from news paper

Beautiful art that you can take with you everywhere. You can put the latest news prints on your finger nails in seconds. This is a great slumber party activity for young girls. All you have to do is ask you parents for the newspaper, some rubbing alcohol, and a pair of scissors.

Make sure your nail varnish is DRY before attempting this and use nail varnish in white or other light shades.

Cut a few pieces of newspaper in small strips.
Remove the cap from the rubbing alcohol and pour some of it in a small cup. Then place one of your fingernails in the cup full of rubbing alcohol for 15 seconds. On the wet nail, place a strip of newspaper for 20 seconds then remove the strip of news paper.

Repeat the steps until all of your finger nails are done. Finish all your fingernails off with a clear top coat to protect your news prints. Viola! you have fabulous nails!

Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) is a household product with many uses and should not be confused with (ethyl) drinking alcohol.

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Thank you for the art nail
by: Anonymous

This was very helpful as I did this it worked perfectly thank you for this awesome tip and I also tried it with other stuff and it worked great thanks again for this awesome tip you are amazing at the nail art pz do more of the nail art and with designs

by: Getrina

It is nice to see that you are actually having something more unique and at the same time going to impress a lot of girls too. Both college and school going kids are going to have a bash trying out most of these styles.

by: Anonymous

Looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this.

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