Funny questions and answers about sport

by Anon

Why is a softball hard?

Why do they call it a "cricket" ball or match, what is the resemblance?

Why do they wear a "Box" when they play cricket if that's exactly where the ball will go / is aimed - are they suckers for punishment or what?

What is the real purpose of golf if you can't hit hole-in-ones? To walk yourself stupid until you can no longer see?

Why does the man on the bench usually have all the answers and the men on the field have no idea what they are doing?

Can someone please post a photo of one of those muscle builders at age 70?

What happens if you need a wee while you are playing a cricket match?

Why do soccer players always act so wildly insane as if giving birth when they get injured and then get up and continue to play?

Why do swimmers swim this and that MILE, if God wanted them to be fish they would have had fins or not?

Gyms, pilates, yoga - why is it so insanely expensive to have a sweat? Push the lawnmower for half an hour for crying out loud! You won't even need an instant tan that will cost another fortune!

Why do woman wear make-up to gym? It's crazy to see it running better than the owner!

Why do woman that have the boob-job, butt-job, nose-job, tummy tuck, thigh suck and every other job feel a gym is the only place to show it off - who do they think they fool?

Basket ball - is that where the saying "basket case" come from? It's the same as 5 men changing a light bulb.

Why the hell do they call wrestling a sport when it's an act?

Cycling... who the heck wants to pull such a thin seat out of their bums after so many miles?

Can someone please show me a SPORT that is not shear punishment of some sort?

Why is singing not a sport? Rock stars build up a better sweat than most sportsmen and they are all skinny and well built!

What's the difference between American Football and Rugby if you look at the outfits? The "balls".

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Really nice
by: Eac

Well this really looks nice.

Bodybuilding efforts
by: Anonymous

I really like this funny question about bodybuilding, can someone please post a photo of one of those muscle builders at age 70. It actually indicates effect of bodybuilding efforts in later age. I am glad to find these questions, simply making you laugh. Thanks

When you find the answers
by: Reese

Yup! Yup! When you find the answers I will do sports! I think this is quite cool and valid.

From: Fun Stuff To Do
Find answers? NOT! We create answers and you just did the same! Thanks for joining us Reese loving your comments.

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