Good prank to do on boys

by Delia

Put cling film over the toilets or urinals in the boys toilets, stick it on both sides of the toilet (make sure there are no lines on the cling film and that u can see through it) watch what happens =>

Then stick sticky tape over the faucets of the taps at the basins where they wash their hands for the good old spray over the clothes.

If there are showers, loosen the shower heads and place some powder drink mix like cool-aid in the shower heads, for a sticky water colored shower.

Now sabotage the soap, either paint soap bars with colourless nail polish and let it dry, no bubbles here!

For the finale add a few drops of cooking oil to shampoo or body/hand wash - cold pressed olive oil works best if you heat it, then pour it in the bottles and then run some cold water over the bottle - the olive oil will turn white and sticky for a lovely gluey wash!

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