How to prank teachers - My top 10

by RebeccaThePranksta
(Australia, QLD)

1. Every time they explain something, say, "I don't get it."

2. Ask where he/she got their shirt from? Then, when they answer, say (the opposite sex) your mom/dad have the same.

3. If you have a female teacher 'accidentally' call her Sir.

4. Say random words when they ask you a question. E.g. What is 485 x 64? = Unicorns

5. Say that's what she said, when a person is corrected. Teachers hate this.

6. Learn another language and speak it in class.
Only works if they don't know that language.

7. Purposely say the wrong answer.

8. Put your hand up and when they say your name, say "Never mind" or "I forgot".

9. Speak in modern slang. Say stuff like LOL and YOLO.

10. Place a fake bug on or near your teacher's desk. Perhaps in the drawer? On their chair? On the blackboard? Come up with the perfect place.

And just for fun:

Ask plenty of questions. The point of questions is, to get the lesson time to go by unnoticed

Ask how are babies actually made?

When are you going to teach us anything, you just keep explaining stuff?

If you get milk from almonds and coconuts, they are mammals, right?

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I Need More
by: Anonymous

I need more, please!

From: The Fun Team

Hey, what's up here! Not enough! Thanks for the 5 stars! We'll do our best, just for you!

Only to prank fun teachers
by: Khayla

I know my friends will laugh non-stop, the teachers I don't know so much, I might get detention but I think it might just be worth it.

I love this
by: Anonymous

All these pranks are good except the babies prank. I think that will get you in massive trouble.

by: Anonymous

I like the pranks

by: Anonymous

DO MORE pranks please!!

From: The Fun Team

Hey what's up here! You rank it only 4 stars but want more. We only add more for 5 stars (jokes!).

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