Make Me Laugh Game

by Logen

One of our favorite games to play around the campfire, you don't need anything to play!

This camp fire game is simple: make people laugh while not laughing yourself. Divide the group into two teams and decide which team is “on stage”. Choose one person from the opposing team to be on the “hot seat.” Set a timer for 90 seconds. The team on stage has one simple goal: to make the person on the hot seat laugh.

Laughs, smiles, giggles and snorts can create disagreement, so one simple rule applies: if you show your teeth in the hot seat, you are out!

The team can work together or have a go at it individually, but they are not allowed to touch the person in the hot seat, make fun of them, or be mean. When someone laughs, his or her team has to take their turn on stage. If the player in the hot seat can keep a straight face for the entire 90 seconds, he earns a point for his team.

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Fun for camp
by: Skyla

Great fun for camping and I love the fact that most of these campfire games do not require anything to play!

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