My Funny Dear or Deer Dog - Santa's got a NEW Reindeer!

by Danny

My Deer Dog

My Deer Dog

Well as you all know... it IS a fact that Deer are MORE useful over Christmas! Our family had a deer dress-up party. It was so much fun... Lady Gaga however, was less impressed with our Deer Adventures! We thought she looked really cute and warm but she gave us "the look", that look that says are you stupid or what.

If you are wondering what a Deer Party is:

We all dressed up as "Deer"... obviously. In true Santa spirit, hoping he might need some of us to hand out gifts, luckily he managed without any of us. I chose to spend my money on Christmas gifts, so my outfit was entirely homemade. A few tree branches stuck into an old hat and a red clown nose (Bambi style!) was basically my outfit (and I added a little cotton wool tail just for fun!). We all ate out of bowls and jumped around like deer when we moved around. We had a sled race (with human deer pulling!) which was great fun.

We were each named after one of Santa's Reindeer - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolf, Olive, Fireball, Leroy, Pablo and Clarice. I was Blitzen and Lady Gaga is obviously Santa's LATEST reindeer!

We were all armed with bags of chocolate drops to make our little deer droppings everywhere, it made us all laugh and was great fun. This was as close as Lady Gaga and I ever got to being deer or dear. After lowering her to a deer she thoroughly enjoyed eating all the deer drops!

They say chocolate is bad for a dog. Lady Gaga says that is just an old wife's tale made up by a stingy chocoholic. She is as fit as a fiddle and ate more chocolate than dog food in her life time. Her advice: reindeer suites, other chocoholics and dog food are more harmful to dogs!
By the way other than high-protein table food, she also eats veg and fruit. LOVES AVOCADO'S TOO!

FUN STUFF TO DO ~ Lady Gaga is a CHOCOHOLIC DEER DOG?! Go Girl! We hope to see and hear lots more of THIS celebrity in future!

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