Prank Victims In An Elevator

by Ke Jenn
(Austin, Texas)

Well one time me and my friends were bored and at the library. So we took one of my little sisters play-desks with the phone and stuff and set up.... office style with a stapler some fake documents and a play school laptop the learning ones. we even set up the elevator office style with a mini trash can and family photos. In the elevator we placed the desk in the middle and made sure when the people tried to get on there wasn't enough room.Finally satisfied with our handy work i sat in my *office.* Waiting in the elevator i played on the laptop, there surprisingly really fun.So when someone requested the elevator on it was a busy day. I made my decent to the floor when the door opened and standing there was some business women looking really pissed so in one of those flight attendant voices i said pleasantly " Ma'am do you have an appointment. In which she replied "No its a frigging elevator do i ev-" When i interrupted her and held out my finger and said "I'm sorry i have to take this its important" While i faked a call to my friend on a plastic office cell.The other person was behind me and faked the voice on the cell for my friend. I pushed the emergency shut button in her face. It was pretty damn funny. The look on her face was frigging priceless. I did this a couple other times before i packed up the stuff me and my friend splitting the stuff in separate bags and left the elevator. Where some angry people from the elevators had pointed me out in which we had ran out before the librarian could see us.

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by: A human being who likes fun


by: William Jack

Well i can't stop laughing after reading this prank.

Helper Online
by: Helper

I like this post very much.

by: Nick Nave

Prank totally cracked me up! You guys should have had one of those fake phones that has a lady saying, "Hello may I help you?" When you press the button.

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