Salty Pranks

by Matilda

SALTY TOOTHBRUSH - You probably already know what you need to do to pull this prank just from reading the title. That’s right, take your victim’s toothbrush, wet it, and then smear the bristles with a ton of table salt. The next time he/she brush their teeth; they won’t know what hit them!

SALTY DRINK - My brother has the habit to ask me for a drink when I walk to the kitchen. I got tired of this because he is just too lazy to get up and do it himself. So I stirred some salt into his milk - you can do this with any drink. Never did he ask again!

SALTY SANDWICH - When I make sandwiches in the kitchen someone always come along and grab half a slice. While i was making i saw a few victims lining up to do the same. I covered the slices of bread with salt (unnoticed) and then continued with the normal margerine, jam. Once I was done I walked out saying "just going to the loo, leave my sandwich alone!" I waited around the corner, got two of them in one go! I did the same with a friend that always eat my lunch at school!

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