Some have weird ideas - these are actually fun when bored

by Sky
(Norfolk VA)

Learn how to do archery

Learn how to spearfish (or even just snorkeling is fun)

Go take a smooth ride on a beach cruiser

Various games of all kind including throwing a ball into something ;)

Find someones yard with a trampoline, and just go for it {lol}

Learn how to fix something somewhere like on a car, drain, cabinet, etc.

Get a new pet of some sort..go to the pet store you might find a little creature you'll grow to love

Look up all the local plants, you will feel better just knowing things like that I promise:)

Post something to this list!!!!!!!

Watch a multitude of "how to" videos about something that you always wanted to know

Watch humans are awesome videos on YouTube©, as well as fail compilations(always funny)

Learn how to lucid dream, or another astral project.

Play an ol game of tic tac to with somebody

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by: Geek

Cool ideas, thanks Sky!

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