The Game Of Things

by May
(California, US)

The Game Of Things

The Game Of Things

Our favorite fun game: The Game of Things

Looking for a game that will provide a lot of laughter, this is it. Just bought this game after playing it with friends and family a while ago.

Laughter is everything in The Game of Things to sum it up in short. In each round, players write an answer to a topic such as "Things you would like to ask a psychic" or "Things you shouldn't do with glue." Answers can be as outrageous and funny or as straight-forward and simple as you like. Everybody then takes turns trying to eliminate each other by guessing which player wrote which answer. The last person left wins the round. The Game of Things comes packaged in a wooden box with a slide-out lid. The Game of Things includes: 300 Topic Cards, 1 Answer Pad, 1 Score Pad and Instructions.

I rate this as one of the most fun games we have played this year.

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Good One
by: Dennis

Is there any mobile app for this game in windows store. I am sure it will be there for those android users but it would be great if someone could make an app for this in windows.

Lots of fun
by: Mads

This game is awesome and so much fun. Bought it a while back, a total hit every time we play.

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