Walmart bathroom prank

by Nikial

Don`t tell anyone who will get upset about this prank. This month, my parents and I went shopping at Walmart for awhile. I had been carrying the roll of plastic wrap in the back of my hoodie, and we had been going around for 6 hours. 6 hours of uncomfortable plastic wrap half down my pants.

I went into the bathroom (my dad followed, though) I actually forced myself to use the bathroom, and my dad was out before I was. I almost got caught, but I pulled it off. Me and some other guy were about to burst out laughing, but the victim guy was cursing up a storm. Not to get graphic, but there was some stuff on the floor. I ran out of the bathroom, laughing like there is no tomorrow.

Oh and remember to put the middle ring lid down so it is not that visible and try to get the plastic wrap as smooth as possible, most public bathrooms are not very well lit over the toilets so it is easy to get away with and hard to see - Nik, (12)

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