Water Temperature Faucet Light - LED

by Catherine

How many times have your small child burnt his/her hands under running hot water? Needless to say even grownups have done this. Here is the solution to this horrible problem and it looks so cool too!

When I found this cheap little LED gadget for less than $5 that lights up the water color according to the temperature of your bathroom basin or kitchen sink a pleasant surprise awaited me. They are available for showerheads and any other type of tap you can possibly find in your house. This according to me is the best safety invention since the "key". You can now see the temperature of running water without having to test it with your hand. How cool is that and so easy to install!

My kitchen and all bathrooms are now fitted with these nifty little gadgets, safe and oh so cool, fun to watch in the dark!

Get this cool little LED attachement for taps here:

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by: Zues

Wow… This is super cool. Recently, I did saw some showers with the same technology. I think that one actually has got some other light indications too, according to the temperature, like how cold or hot it is.

Very clever
by: Anonymous

Very clever and I'm amazed at the price. Getting this!

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