When Bored

by Anon

  1. Sit in an electronics store and watch their tv for hours, creating a dialogue and gasping/clapping/crying at the appropriate moments.

  2. Have a staring competition with a tree.

  3. Teach your cat how to bark.

  4. Teach your neighbours cat how to bark.

  5. Find an extremely complicated recipe you'd never be able to make and make it.

  6. Higlight certain words in books to create your own story.

  7. Bury candy and tell everyone how excited you are about growing a "Candy Tree".

  8. Teach yourself French then run around with a Sharpie-d moustache and hitting randoms with baguettes.

  9. Walk through the Drive-Thru in McDonalds and order ten of everything because "my dinosaurs extra hungry".

  10. Turn up late and make up an excuse of how your unicorn got sick so you had to walk but then someone mugged you of your legs so you crawled after them to their leg-lab and stole them back but then you discovered that they were someone elses legs.....

  11. Go to a museum and get kicked out. Cry.

  12. Pretend to be a hairdresser and cut someones hair.

  13. Dig a hole and claim it goes to Wonderland.

  14. Buy some underwear that are way too big for you and for the opposite gender and walk around with them on your head or over you pants.

  15. Sew raisins together to make an extremely long string of them and walk around leaving it behind to make a trail.

  16. Make up laws for flying elephants and give reasons for why they should be enforced then send it to the zoo.

  17. Ghost people until they notice you and when they do tell them that there was a baby invisible hamster stuck to them and you were trying to burn it off with your x-ray vision.

  18. Run around in circles.

  19. Sit on the floor in a bus and start eating lunch.

  20. Make a cake with everything in your pantry in it (meusli bars, pasta, carrots, cookies etc).

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