Wink Assasin

Wink Assassin is the perfect game for around campfires, nothing besides eager players, a hat and pieces of paper needed (toilet roll paper will do)!

To Play:

Put a piece of paper into a hat for each player playing. Put a big dot on only one of the pieces and leave the rest blank. Fold the pieces of paper closed.

The player who randomly selects the paper with the dot will be the assassin. The assassin will “kill” other players by secretly winking at them. If you get winked at, you must publicly act out your death without revealing who the killer was. The game continues until someone figures out who the assassin is, or until every player has been “killed,” leaving the assassin as the winner.

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Wink Assassin Is Fun
by: Keanu

We love this game for it's simplicity and the amount of fun it provides. As soon as everyone is seated around the fire someone says "a quick round of wink assassin"!

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