Free Blank Charades Cards

Free Blank Charades Cards

Playing Solitaire

Grooming a horse

Walking a dog


Playing Basketball

Washing your face

Ballerina Swirl

Kick a ball

Tease someone


Blow a bubble with bubblegum


Prune a tree


Wetting your pants

Losing your temper

Cleaning the pool

Going on a scavenger hunt

Cooking Spaghetti

Blowing nose

Painting a picture

Brushing the dog

Playing hockey

Rowing a boat

Laughing uncontrollably

Running away from a bear

Catching a snake

Planting seeds

Riding a bicycle

Having a haircut

Folding a paper plane

Drinking milkshake

Falling asleep

Feeling bored

Helping an old person over a busy road

Catch a squirrel

Break a leg

Hosting a party

Losing a job

Bake a cake

Rock a baby

Change a light bulb


Climb a mountain

Wash the floor

Clean a toilet

Build a treehouse

Fly a kite

Download the free blank charades cards here.

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