Cold Surprise Prank

Do you live with someone who lives for their hot showers? Go into the bathroom while they are taking a shower, with a cup and fill it up in the sink with cold water, saying that dad's doing the dishes or something and you are really thirsty. Then dump it over the shower curtain right onto them as a cold surprise and RUN!!

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by: Annemarie Johansen

It was a classic FAIL
I tried to do it but I missed my dad

Btw my real name is not Annemarie I just wanted to put it 😅

Good but not...
by: Bri

This was good until it freaked my dad out! Afterwards we were laughing so hard... I'M GLAD HE DID NOT KILL ME OR HAVE A HEART ATTACK

I failed
by: Anonymous

This was very funny. I did it to my mom in the shower... It just splattered everywhere! I guess I just did something wrong. I don't know it might be funny.

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