Fake Mess

This prank is a little bit messy but super fun on parents who have caught you making a mess before. Take some paint and mix up some colors. You can use choclate brown for hot choclate, yellow for lemonade, blue for ink, pink and orange for puke. If your doing puke you may want to add some uncooked oatmeal and bits of vegetables. Paint your mixture onto a sheet of wax paper. Wait for it to dry completely. Set the paper on something such as the dinner table or your dads work clothes. Add a prop nearby such as a tipped over cup or mug. Or act as if you are getting sick on furniture or expensive rugs. Hope you have a little fun with it. My mom said " YOU LEFT A MESS OUT ON MY NEW WORK SHIRT!!" LOL! I did't get in trouble when she new it was fake. Be super careful carrying it around when it is wet or else your family will freak if they see wet paint on things.

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