Chapter 2

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  • Accidents - Most accidents are caused by people who drive in 1st gear while their minds are in neutral.
  • Accidents - Cars and bars means stars and scars.
  • Achievement - The only thing you will achieve in life without any effort is failure.
  • Action - A genius shoots at something no one else sees - and hits it.
  • Action - It's better to look where you are going than to see where you have been.
  • Action - No one ever climb a hill just by looking at it.
  • Action - Those who can - do. Those who can't - criticize.
  • Action - Some church members are like wheelbarrows they only act when they are pushed.
  • Actor - An actor is a man who tries to be everything but himself.
  • Actors - The new alarm clock for actors doesn't ring it applauds!
  • Actors - It's more important to deserve the applause of people than to obtain it.
  • Actors - A Hollywood star recently hired two press agents to tell the world how modest he is.
  • Actors - Some actors think they are elevating the stage when they are merely depressing the audience.
  • Actress - Some actresses won't wear a dress that is not original but they will take a second hand husband.
  • Actress - An Actress in Hollywood described her ex husband as six feet tall and $2000 short in his alimony payments!
  • Actress - The actresses with hour glass figures have the problem that the sands of time normally shift.
  • Actress - To some actresses the difference between fame and farm is form.
  • Actress - The age of an actress is like the speedometer of a used car - you know it's been set back but you can't tell how far.
  • Actress - One actress thought it would be fun to get divorced in the same dress her mother was wearing when she got divorced.
  • Adolescence - All anyone expect of adolescent is that he act like an adult and be satisfied to be treated like a child.
  • America - Mistakes are not so bad. Columbus found America by mistake.
  • America - Too many Americans weight lift with the wrong equipment - a knife and a fork. 5 STAR FUNNY QUIP!
  • America - You can tell Americans trust in God by the way they drive.
  • America - Thousands of Americans are trying to find peace in a pill.
  • Anger - Anger is just one letter short of danger.
  • Anger - The best way to get rid of a hot head is to give him a cold shoulder.
  • Anger - You are not a dynamic person simply because you can blow your top.
  • Anger - It's easy to get up in the air what hurts is to come down.
  • Anger - Blowing your stack adds to air polution.
  • Arguments - More homes are destroyed by fusses than by fires or funerals.
  • Arguments - It's never worth it to start an argument about a religion you have not got.

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  • Babysitter - You can tell a babysitter is experienced if she knows which kid to sit with and which one to sit on.
  • Bachelor - A bachelor only wants one thing - himself! 5 STAR FUNNY QUIP!
  • Bachelor - A man who refuses to fight used to be called a coward. Now they call him a bachelor!
  • Bachelor - There are two kinds of bachelors: Those too fast to catch and those too slow worth catching.
  • Baldness - One nice thing about baldness, it's neat!
  • Baldness - Men usually worry more about losing their hair than their heads.
  • Behavior - Most of us want other people's children to behave the way ours should.
  • Behavior - Is what you do, not what you think, feel or believe.
  • Behavior - It's easy to save face. Just keep the lower half of it tightly closed.
  • Behavior - You are only young ONCE. If you act foolish after that you have to find a better excuse. 5 STAR FUNNY QUIP
  • Bigamy - The penalty for bigamy is two mother's-in-law.
  • Bigot - A bigot is a person who slams his mind in your face! 5 STAR FUNNY QUIP!
  • Bigotry - People who brag about having an open mind should close it sometimes so that they can think.
  • Blush - A blush is the color of virtue.
  • Blush - A blush is one thing that can't be counterfeited.
  • Blush - Man is the only animal that blushes and the only one that needs to.
  • Boasting - Those who have a right to boast don't need to.
  • Boasting - The guy who boasts of his open mind may only have a vacant one.
  • Boasting - The only time you should blow your horn is when you are in a band.
  • Boasting - Flattery will get you nowhere - especially if you give it to yourself!
  • Boasting - Ever thought folks who repent long and loud are just bragging?
  • Boasting - A modest person won't blow his "knows" in public.
  • Boasting - Some proud folks are always letting off esteem!
  • Boasting - Success doesn't always go to the head; sometimes it goes to the mouth!
  • Bored - A bore reminds me of a summer cold.
  • Bored - A bore makes you wish you were lonely.
  • Bored - A bore always lights up the room when he leaves.
  • Bored - A bore never runs out of talk only out of listeners.
  • Bored - Too many people confuse free speech with loose talk.
  • Bored - One of the best ways for some people to make others happy is to shut up and go home.
  • Bored - A man without a single idea is less boring than one with only one idea.
  • Bored - Some people stay longer in an hour than others can in a week!
  • Bored - Might as well keep your mouth shut. If you talk about yourself you're a bore if you talk about others you're a gossip.
  • Bosses - If your boss doesn't pay you what you deserve - be thankful!
  • Bosses - The best boss is a well-trained conscience.
  • Bosses - Only a few people are usually enthusiastic about the work, normally the bosses.
  • Boys - A pain in the neck when around and a pain in the heart when they're not! 5 STAR FUNNY QUIP!
  • Boys - A boy is usually the kind of kid his mother tells him not to play with.
  • Boys - Boys are like canoes; behaves better when paddled from the rear.
  • Boys - Boys become men when they stop asking their fathers for allowances and requests loans.
  • Boys - There are two types of boys - noisy and not yet.
  • Boys - The only time a boy will stay off the lawn is when you ask him to mow it.
  • Boys - The only time boys don't mind soap is when they blow bubbles.
  • Boys - College is the only vacation a boy gets between his mother and his wife.
  • Boys - Little boys that lie become Weather Forecasters!
  • Boys - A boy's mind is wonderful. It starts working the minute he gets up and never stops until he gets to school.
  • Boys - "Dear Lord if you can't make me a better boy, don't worry about it. I'm having a good time as it is."
  • Brains - Benefit the world by synchronizing your tongue with your brain.
  • Brains - The marble business must be booming, many people seem to have lost theirs.
  • Brains - The cheapest top-rate computer is the one between your ears.
  • Brains - Nature makes up for a nugget-sized brain with a bucket-sized mouth! 5 STAR FUNNY QUIP
  • Brains - The best substitute for brains is silence.
  • Budget - An attempt to live below your yearnings!
  • Budget - A good wife can stay on a budget and a diet.
  • Budget - The only thing tighter than next year's budget is this year's bikini.
  • Burdens - Religion at its best is a lift and not a load.
  • Business - Never give advice - sell it!
  • Business - A shady business never produced a sunny life.
  • Business - Business is a lot like tennis. Those who don't serve well wind up losing.
  • Business - The best way to go into business is with high hopes and low overhead.
  • Business - The man who only lives for himself runs a very small business.
  • Business - Business is like a car. It won't run itself except downhill.
  • Business - A dentist is a man who runs a filling station.
  • Business - A good executive is judged by the company he keeps - solvent.
  • Business - Babysitting is a good business because it meets a crying need.
  • Business - When business is bad some men go bankrupt and some go back to their wives.
  • Business - A good business to stay out of is that of another person.
  • Business - Bad business "You might as well come in everything else has gone wrong today!"
  • Business - A business is too big when it takes gossip one week to travel from one end of the office to the other end.
  • Business - The art of taking from another man's pocket without violence.

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