Good coin prank

by Dakhota Rodgers

First get some fishing wire and tie it to a coin (works best on coins with ridges like a dime). Then take the other end of the fishing wire and tape it to the ceiling. Finally when your done with that put your hands around it so nobody can see it then ask a person if they want to see a magic trick. When they say yes let go and... WALAH when they see it floating (not really floating just can't see it well) they'll think you can do magic and your done.

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Thank you - It is wonderful
by: Fred

Thank you! It was wonderful to visit your site. I hope you will publish more. Thanks a lot for sharing with us all.

by: Amanda

I have been searching for the pranks like these. I really enjoyed doing these funny tricks with my friends and family. They are surprised by how I can pull this off so easily. The practical jokes you share are impressive enough to impress my friends.

Good coin prank
by: Jeffrey T

Its an amazing trick. I will do it with my brother. I used to visit your blog for fun ideas and party games ideas. Thanks.

Missed a part
by: Kerry

Hey you missed a part! You are supposed to tie the other end of the "fishing wire" to your arm or leg, so that when you move, the coin will float! Ooops! sorry I sound like a know-it-all and i'm not! I actually know nothing but i do know this trick. It's a great one anyway!

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