Peanut Butter Prank

by Brianna
(Akron, Ohio)

There's a warning with these pranks: Make 100% sure the people you are pranking do not have any nut allergies, people who are allergic to nuts can get seriously ill when they get in touch with peanut butter. These pranks are therefore only intended for people that you know well.

Put the peanut butter on the bottom of the lid where someone will touch to lift the lid or if you are pranking guys who usually lift the seat of the toilet, smear some under the seat around the front. It gets them every time.

Put some peanut butter on your finger and rub it on the inside of the car's door handle, then when someone opens the car door they will have this strange colored stuff on their hands, they won't think for a moment that it is actually peanut butter, they will think they have squished some insect or something.

Know someone who likes peanut butter and jam sandwiches. When the last bit of peanut butter is left in the container, mix in a good amount of salt and watch your victim enjoy their sandwich.

Roll a ball of toilet paper (like you would when wiping yourself) now rub some peanut butter accros the toilet paper with your hand. Leave it on the floor next to the toilet for the next person who will be using the loo. If they say you were in the toilet last, take it and say sorry I forgot this, then give it a nice old lick. Your victims will be completely disgusted one way or another.

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