Fun Road Trip Games
10 Golden Oldies

The "golden oldie" fun roadtrip games that never vanished. Passed on from generation to generation! These games stood the test of time. 10 Fun games you use to play in the car when you were a kid.

road trip games


  • Remember That

    Memory game - See who can remember the names of all the Cities and Towns you pass through.
    Variation: Add some simple prominent info about the City or Town - Old Stone Church, Dam, River or Lake, Very small town, No fuel station, Great Restaurant etc.

  • Color Car

    Pick a car color (not white!) and count the number of cars you see in that color. The first to reach 10 wins!
    Variation: Choose a model of car: Mercedes
    Variation: Choose with something: A tow bar, a trailer, a caravan, a roof rack, a bulbar, with 4 people in etc.

  • Words with Plates

    Pick a car on the road. Look at the license plate. There are two or three letters in a row on the plate. Race each other to make a word out of the letters that are relevant to the area where you are driving. The letters must all be in the word, the word can be as long or as short as you like.

  • The Quiet Game

    Everyone must keep quiet. The first person to speak or make a sound (sneeze, cough, uh etc.) lose! It works WONDERS every time and at certain times I think this is my favourite of all the FUN roadtrip games!

  • Alphabet Game

    Start with "A" - spot an object starting with the letter "A", then move on to the letter "B".
    The winner is the person who spots the most objects out of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

  • Their Story

    Find another car on the road with people in that have interesting facial expressions - now make up their story.

  • Places, Animals or Cars

    Decide whether you are playing with Place names, Types of Animals or Types of Cars. Say you are playing with Vehicle Makes - Start with a name - Toyota. The next person must now name a Vehicle Make that starts with the last letter of "Toyota" which can be "Aston Martin". The next must call out a vehicle make with "N" (the last letter of Aston Martin) - "Nissan". Can't name one - you are out! The winner stays in the game the longest.

  • I Spy

    "I spy with my little eye something starting with a "C" - The others must guess what that person is seeing. The person guessing correctly asks the next question. Variation: Play with colors instead of letters - easier for little ones.

  • True or False

    Each person gets a chance to make 3 statements about themselves. Two are true and one false - the other players must guess which is true and which is false.

  • Guess Who

    Use the names of family and friends for this one. Describe a family member or friend. Use 3 interesting facts to describe the person you choose, the others must guess who it is. They can't guess who it is, you get 1 point and go again or the person that correctly names the person receives 1 point and has the next turn to describe someone.

  • Funnies

    Funny Quips, Funny Questions, Funny Quotes and One-liner Jokes are a
    must-have on any trip. Print some, buy a book, they are great to share and ponder over.

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