How To Use A Transparent Overlay Template - The Easy Way

A quick tutorial to show you how to use a transparent overlay template. Create your own high quality designs in a matter of minutes, with a free online graphic editor.

This tut is specifically for those of you who do not have Photoshop, Illustrator or other graphic or photo editing software or if you struggle to use the templates in those programs.

We are using Canva for this tutorial, so you can hit the link and it will open another page where you can try it out while you follow here. Canva is free, do register on their site, that way all your designs will be saved and you will be able to go back and change existing designs real quick.

Transparent overlay template tutorial

You can find the above treat bag template here on Etsy.

Step 1 - Getting started

  • Click on any of the images below to enlarge and on the black part of the screen to return here
  • Open Canva in your internet browser
  • Register (if you have not done so yet)
  • Select "Create A Design" in the left column as shown in the image below. *Update: This buttons moved to the top right recently.

  • A drop down menu will open. Scroll down to "Documents" and select a page size A4 or Letter. Or use the +Custom at the bottom to create your own size.

Step 2 - Adding a background for the template

  • Your design page will open
  • We're going to select a background now
  • Click on the "background" icon on the left of the screen as shown in the image below
  • You can now select one of the many free Canva backgrounds  under "More".
  • Or by clicking on the "upload" icon you are able to upload your own digital paper or background

Step 3 - Uploading the transparent overlay template

  • Next we upload the transparent overlay template
  • Click on the grey "upload" icon on the left of the screen
  • Then select the "Upload your own images" button as shown below
  • Your own file folder will open where you can select your template from your own computer, click "open"
  • Your template will now be visible below the "Upload your own images" button
  • Left double click on the template
  • This will place the template on your background

Step 4 - Resizing the overlay template

  • You can turn the template with the round arrow shown below by making a circle movement with your mouse
  • You can enlarge the template to the size of the page by dragging the corner dots in the directions shown below, do not drag left, right or up or down, this will damage the design.

Step 5 - Adding elements to your design

  • You can now add text or other design elements like labels and more from Canva
  • You can now upload your own logo and add it on the template as shown below. If the design is for personal use you can skip this.
  • Once you see "all changes saved" as indicated by the red arrow below, you can download your design to your computer

Step 6 - Downloading your design

  • Click on "Download" as indicated below
  • Select your file type (examples of types below)
  • Examples of PDF, PNG and JPG images downloaded
  • I usually select JPG - good quality, small file size and within the terms of use of the templates (flattened format).
  • Select "Download" this will take a few seconds

Step 7 - Saving your new design

  • Then "Save file" and "Ok"
  • Your own file folder will open and you can save your new design with a new name to your computer
  • Always give your design a new name to avoid accidental loss of your original blank overlay template
  • Your design is now ready to print or package as your usually would.
  • To print, right click on the image, select print and in the printer settings "best quality"
  • Print on heavy card stock, brochure or photo paper, you can find our recommended papers under "crafting must haves" by following the link






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