Indoor Picnic Ideas


Don’t despair! We have more fun stuff to do! Fun indoor picnic ideas to get around every ‘out of the blue’ challenge!

Everyone’s been looking forward to a fun picnic and you’re all packed and ready to go… suddenly the weather changes drastically. Picnic plans out the window? No way!

It is fun to watch the weather do its thing!

  • So first, find a big enough room with big windows and clear the curtains out of the way so that you can see everything outside, you want only the glass between you and what’s going on outside!
  • Next clear the furniture out of the way, especially those in the center and those blocking the view through the windows (only for a while mom).
  • Next, bring in the big and small loose pillows, scatter cushions, loose blankets or duvets.
  • Now put on some relaxing background music, it you have meditation music with nature sounds like birds, waterfalls or wallowing streams, those are great to set the mood for an indoors picnic or if you simply love Rock, that’s even more festive!
  • Get the picnic basket out and start to eat! Throw the sausages in a frying pan and the steaks and kebabs on an indoor kitchen grill if you have to.
  • Lie back into the pillows and relax while you watch the weather outside or tell a few jokes.
  • Try these indoor picnic ideas, they are much better than sulking about the weather!

On to the fun games!

Fun indoor games for your indoor picnic that will ensure a great time for everyone!

A great game for friends and family alike! You have to teach your kids ‘how to play charades’ it’s a game that will entertain them for life, no matter their age! Check out our charades ideas, free charades cards, rules, gesture ideas and more!

Crazy Eights
A very popular game, loads of fun and easy enough for anyone to play! There are many variations to this game, even a commercial version but the fact remains once you learn how to play crazy eights, you’ll want to play some more!

Fun Games
Check out our fun games section for more fun and games. There are more games than you will ever have time to play! Stock up on a few new ones for future indoor days and allow everyone to help make the choices or simply use our free fun game ideas at the bottom of the page!

Indoor Treasure or Scavenger Hunts
Try one of these fun treasure hunts! The ‘Magazine Scavenger Hunt Bingo’ offer loads of instant fun!

Great Easy Crafts
Crafts are really NOT boring and nor do they have to look anything like the ones you recall from pre-school! Try some shiny fish, potato prints or embossing, it’s fun!

Print Games
Right now, right there at your computer, you can print endless games. The best is, you have these games for life, you can print them any time, over and over for parties or for family functions.

Have fun, come up with your own indoor picnic ideas and remember:
Share them with us at 'YOUR FUN IDEAS'!

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